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Software Development Engineer

About the Company

Odyssian Technology is a high technology company focused on technology innovation and creative product development related to smart composite structures, smart [in-dwelling] power distribution systems, and highly integrated sensor networks and control systems. Odyssian is involved in developing technology and products for both the military and commercial marketplace. Exciting work is underway in the development of novel power access and control systems for use in military shelters, and a smart oil & gas (O&G) pipeline system capable of point-of-source leak detection and health monitoring.

About the Opportunity

The selected candidates will be key contributors to the development of technology and future products related to computerized power distribution and load control systems, smart O&G pipeline systems having integrated leak detection and structural health monitoring sensors, and various other products involving the integration of sensors, antenna, and power subsystems into structures, enclosures, and devices.

The selected candidate will be a key contributor to the development of cloud-based monitoring and control networks for smart piping/sealing systems, power distribution systems, and structural systems having integrated sensor networks.

  • The candidate will be responsible for software development including the design, documentation, implementation, and testing.

  • The candidate will be responsibility for developing  embedded code for micro-processor based  products and sensor networks, as well as developing software for web-based monitoring and control applications.

  • Highly competent and ambitious individuals are sought who must have a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience and are interested in the challenge and career potential of joining a high technology business in either a fulltime, part time or contract position.

Required Qualifications   

      (A degree is not required if the candidate can show a strong aptitude toward self-learning and can demonstrate the required skills and a comprehensive understanding of required programming languages, networked control systems, and communication protocols)


Contact Information

Qualified candidates are asked to mail or email a copy of their resume, citizenship status, and recent salary history along with a cover letter describing career interests to: Email: or mail to:

Odyssian Technology

511 East Colfax Avenue

South Bend, Indiana 46617

Phone (574)-257-7555 x-102