Research & Technology Interests

There is a growing demand within the consumer and military markets for products and devices that are smaller, lighter, and smarter.  At the same time, technology is rapidly evolving in the areas of micro electromechanical systems or sensors (MEMS), nano-materials and structures, thin film sensors and systems, wireless localization and communication, small quiet replenishing power sources, and lower cost high performance polymer composite materials. When combined, these technologies allow for smaller, lighter, and smarter products -- often achieved through a higher degree of sensor and subsystem integration into structures, housings, and enclosures. 

Odyssian Technology recognizes the market opportunities associated with product miniaturization and integration. Consequently, emphasis is placed on research and development of technology related to the following core technology areas: smart structures and systems having embedded sensor networks, circuitry, and power systems;  multifunctional materials, structures, and devices that sense, perform, and respond;  wide-area embedded sensor networks that allow for structural or system health monitoring and control; and smart power distribution and storage systems that improve energy efficiency and the utility of remote health monitoring and control networks.

The following are some of the primary technologies that  Odyssian Technology is pursuing that are related to its core technology interests:








Smart Seal, Pipe and Fluid Containment for reducing leakage of environmentally damaging and hazardous materials. Includes:

Smart Power Distribution Control for improving efficiency, budgeting, and reliability. Technology applications include:

Smart & Multifunctional Structural Systems including:

Materials and Processes for advanced structures, smart structures, multi-functional devices, and sensors including: